ELECTRONIC HASTEEI    Mobile Vehicle Digital Radiography

With radiography systems that are established within the vehicle,radiography shooting can be done in everywhere, safely .
The detectors with a very low temperature and humidity level unlike their competetors, it is possible to turn vehicles such as ;
busses and trucks into radiography imaging center .
Our mobile X-ray rooms were designed for mass chest x-ray examinations of rural population and for people in refugee or military camps, for children at schools, etc .
Different characteristics of chassis allow to choose a model which combine with local conditions .
The X-ray rooms body has been made of plastic, enforced by metal construction elements, it has good thermostatic data .
The climate control system adjusts the inside temperature to normal conditions in 15 min .
This mobile room equipment may include autonomous electric power supply system, water supply, electric climate control system and hot-water heating .
These resources allow to investigate the population far away from settlements during for several days .
The van is divided into two rooms by a transparent polycarbonate parting-wall. In the front part of the van – the room for medical procedures – a digital unit ProScan is installed .
Patients enter the room through one door and leave it through another one, which makes it possible to increase radically the mobile room's capacity .
Three people may be in the room for medical procedures simultaneously .
At the reception time a bactericidal irradiator works .
The mobile room is equipped with an energy storage battery to maintain steady voltage for the device, when it runs on unstable power supply units .
At the customer's request, the mobile room can be equipped with a mini-power station to enable patient examination far away from power lines .

Features of Mobile Vehicle Digital Radiography
Little Space Required

Flat assembly, thus suitable for rooms of any shape, Distance of wall tocoverplate of the bucky unit, All movements control by Electromagnetical brakes.

Excellent Quality Radiographs

Counterbalanced diaphragm adjustable in height to allow installation of Buckies of all known manufacturers .
All cassettes of a format from 13x18 cm to 35x43 cm can be inserted vertically or horizontally. Absolutely no vibrations.

Simple Operation Of Bucky

A counter weight guarantees smooth running movements .
Controls can be mounted either on the right or on the left side of the unit on request .
Accessories can be inserted into the profile rails without problems.

Easy Installation

The stand is fastened at two points each on the floor and the wall .
By means of a triangular base, the unit can be installed anywhere in the room or in vehicle.

Tube stand and Wall stand

The professional acquisition software sports an intuitive and modern graphical user interface. Examinations may be conducted comfortably at the monitor with only one operator console. All adjustments to X-ray parameters are automatically communicated to the generator.
Easy installation and small space requirement permit mounting without problems anywhere .
Simple operation offers absolutely smooth working for routine examinations as well as for special radiography.


Tube stand movements

Tube/wall stand distance
Tube floor distance
Tube arm transversal movement
Tube rotation along arm axis
Double steel rapes for tube supporting
Automatic wall stand bucky tracking
SID & Angle digital display
Emergency brake to prevent tube fall down

Line Voltage

Fixed 150 mm or 1800 mm
Max. 371 mm opt. 2007 mm
fixed or optional 25 cm
Fixed or optional +/- 180°

220 Vac+/-10%, single phase, 50/60 Hz.

Bucky Wall stand

System dimension
Tilting Bucky from BS 66
Motorize Movement Optional
Electromagnetical brakes
Bucky dimension
Film Image Distance
Bucky height from floor

Casette load side

115 kg
590x550 mm
35 mm
2200 mm OPt.
Min. 371 mm
Selectable (left/right)

Wall Stand Potter Bucky

Grid Ratio
Grid Material
Focus Systems
Casette Size
Preset for AEC. and Flat Panel Dedector
Automatic Bucky

Selectable (8:1,10:1,12:1,13:1) 103 or 154 line/inch
Aluminum ( Carbon optional )
150 cm or 180 cm
From 13x18 to 36x43

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