ELECTRONIC HASTEEI    Floor Mounted Tube Stand


A floor-mounted tube stand is the standard x-ray option that provides a complete range of routine radiographic procedures, and since it does not require any costly structural modifications, it is versatile and budget-friendly .
It has a column rotation, which makes it easier to do specific and easier to move if necessary, but doesn’t provide as much support when performing procedures .
It can fit in more compact rooms, so it is ideal for smaller clinics and facilities but it is also functional for bigger hospitals because it does provide the best imaging capability and can be installed in many rooms .
It’s also the easiest system to resell if you plan to upgrade in a few years .
The floor-to-ceiling mounted tube stand offers you versatility and ease of handling for general radiography, but it is not as fully functional as the floor mounted model .
It is, however, ideal if you want something completely anchored .
This should be the least expensive of your options but what you get in price and stability, you will forfeit in quality and maneuverability .
It is an option often chosen to facilitate the wide range of procedures common to hospitals, satellite hospitals, ambulatory care centers and group practice facilities .
Finally, a ceiling-mounted tube is more stable as it has 2 support rails in the floor and the ceiling, but it’s much more challenging to install and remove if you’d like to move it to a different location .
This model also requires a very big room with a lot of ceiling support, which is most appropriate for big hospitals .
It is fully counter-balanced, so the heavy-duty system moves easily throughout its entire range, which does help to minimize operator fatigue .
As far as price, this model is not as expensive as floor-mounted tube stand systems, but it is more expensive than the floor-to-ceiling mounted systems .
And while some people think that ceiling-mounted tubes offer a larger imaging capability, this is really not true, and ultimately when it comes to replacing this model, it is the most difficult to resell .


      Easier operation with Auto-tracking :

Automated operation such as Auto-tracking shortens the operation regardless of the patient’s position. Auto-tracking function reduces workflow steps by half compared to the conventional manual tracking.

      S-Vue :

EH-DFMTS next-generation S-Vue imaging engine delivers high-resolution images through advanced processing and adaptive filtering and provides enhanced image contrast and sharpness.

      Detector :

Wireless, lightweight Detector displays the patient’s anatomical structure clearly with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE).The efficiency of radiation and spatial resolution are improved compared to previous indirect type detectors, reducing radiation needed to ensure high image quality.

      Quick acquisition time :

Preview and acquisition take less than 3 seconds, and full acquisition less than 10 seconds. It is easy to shoot multiple images after checking the preview image.

      Foot Sensor :

An operator can control the 4-way tabletop with a convenient foot sensor. The table features 4-way or 6-way movement with a ±500 mm longitudinal range and transverse ±125 mm range for fast and precise positioning.

      Intuitive User Interface :

The workstation’s intuitive interface enables users to easily operate the system. Anatomical Programmed Radiography (APR) selects the appropriate imaging method for the areas being imaged to help ensure quick examinations.

      Dose management :

minimizes excessive radiation exposure with an auto sensor and by sending various shooting condition data such as Auto Exposure Control (AEC) and X-ray dose information measured by the Dose Area Product (DAP).

      RMS :

Remote Management System (RMS) enables continuous monitoring of system errors, along with auto-diagnosis of the system and software version.

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