Digital Mobile EH-30 Radiography


Mobility in Medical Imaging has become a focal point for healthcare as technology continues to improve the quality of patient care and drive down costs .
One of the biggest contributing factors to the rising usage of this technology is the need for better imaging for patients who are bedridden or unable to travel for radiology exams .
However, this is not the only reason that mobile X-ray technology is a necessity in the healthcare industry .
Below we will discuss some of the benefits of mobile x-ray .


Intelligence Everywhere

  • Unique bionic manipulator
  • Intelligent speed regulation
  • Multiple control mode
  • Maximum examination coverage


Beyond the Limitation

  • Superior battery capacity
  • Dual-mode power management
  • Rapid charging function
  • Patented electricity transmission technology
  • Enhance the life-span of power system


Innovation to Trust

  • Anti-collision design
  • Detector security technology
  • Exposure status LED indicator
  • Auto/Manual motion mode

MPX Detector

Remarkable Self-Production

  • EH-MPX detector
  • Liquid & dust resistant
  • Lighter & slimmer
  • Mind-Home concept

Electronic Hasteei
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