Mobile Dynamic Radiography



EH-MDRF A powerful mobile fluoroscopy system designed for a wide range of surgical applications where the use of the last generation of dynamic flat panels greatly increases the performance.
Invest in outstanding imaging technology with the added flexibility of a mobile C-arm to perform both complex endovascular procedures and open surgeries without compromise.

Brand new flat panel generation

High sensitivity
low dose operations
Best resolution available on the market (150 μm)
Enlarged feld of view (compared to 12’’ I.I.)
Large C-arm depth
Optimised workflow speed
Accuracy for quick positioning

Orthopedic imaging - high contrast and distortion-free

Visualize complex bone structures, guide screw placement, and perform a wide range of other orthopedic procedures, with undistorted, high contrast images provided by our advanced Flat Detector.

Cardiovascular imaging - superb contrast and consistency

Our second generation Flat Detector system provides high quality fluoroscopy, DSA runs, and roadmap guidance to support cardiac and vascular surgeons in performing the most challenging procedures.
From pacemaker lead insertions to abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, the Trixell Flat Detector delivers consistent edge-to-edge image quality and superb contrast resolution to support critical decision making.
Advanced vascular software guides you step-by-step through your vascular case, helping you easily control imaging with the foot switch and handheld remote control.

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