The medical technology landscape is ever changing and with this comes a need to provide our customers with better and more efficient solutions which are innovative and competitive.
ceiling stand is a state-of-the-art, universal, digital radiographic solution that is capable of handling virtually all routine radiography examinations with two configuration

  • Single panel system
  • Double panel system

The CEILSTAND AJ300 FLAT PANEL IMAGING family of Digital Radiography solutions is the first truly comprehensive digital answer to all General Radiography needs.
Featuring an integrated flat panel digital detector, x ray Generator and the most advanced image processing and communication technology, the ceiling AJ300 flat panel imaging family of solution delivers outstanding image quality, ergonomics and performance.
the objective of providing a cost-optimized product for radiography.
The ergonomic product design is engineered to fulfill customer requirements for optimized handling that provides all radiographic features.
Together with a Bucky table and a Bucky wall stand, all relevant radiographic procedures are available.
Thanks to the 5-element telescope, a very small focus-to-ceiling-distance can be achieved, enabling installation in rooms with low ceiling heights.
Minimal force has to be exerted for positioning by hand. The support can still be moved manually in the case of a power failure to release the patient.
The very compact design enables low-cost installation.

Technology Design

Our line of ultra-fast flat panel digital x ray image detectors are used to capture image and instantly display them on computer screens, eliminating the need for film and the film processing.

• Focused on high speed image acquisition
• Patented readout electronics

Brilliant image quality

• Image processing software
• Examination specific image processing algorithm
• Automated image optimization
• Short waiting times for the patient
• Immediate image acquisition
• Fast image processing

Ceiling-Mounted System


The Ceiling Mounted System uses a 4 tiered telescoping
column with expansive overhead horizontal and transverse tracks,
providing flexibility and a variety of imaging procedures.
With an optimum ceiling height of 2.7m (9ft), even examinations
of standing knees on children can be easily imaged.

• Centralized handgrips with dual soft-grips provide smooth
• Positioning of the X-ray tube is directed through a series
• A convenient “All-Release” lock is built into each of the soft-grip controls
• Lighted display windows indicate system navigation for SID
• Single column structure with a stylized receptor enclosure
• Low-absorption front cover with detector centering lines and AEC chamber
• Removable fixed grid
• A FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking system with integral counterbalancing
• Extensive vertical travel for a variety of examinations from weight bearing knees

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X-RAY Products/integrated solutions

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