X-ray Tube

With more than 100 years’ experience in high-end X-ray technology, electronic hasteei manufactures various X-ray tubes and X-ray tube assemblies with stationary or rotation anodes for different applications.
  • Excellent quality and reliability
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Cutting-edge technologies
An X-ray tube functions as a specific energy converter, receiving the electrical energy and converting it into two other forms of energy: x-radiation and heat. Heat is considered the undesirable product of this conversion process; therefore X-radiation is created by taking the energy from the electrons and converting it into photons. This very specific energy conversion takes place in the X-ray tube.

Construction of the X-ray tube

The X-ray tube contains two principal elements:

cathode: provides a source of electrons
anode: acts as the target for electrons and releases x-rays

Additional components include:
  • expansion bellows (provide space for oil to expand)
  • tube envelope (evacuated)
  • tube housing
  • cooling dielectric oil
  • rotor
  • induction stator
  • tube window
Cathode and anode are contained in the envelope, which provides vacuum, support and electrical insulation. The envelope is most often created from glass, although some tubes contain envelopes
Bucky Stand

Universal X-ray system with bucky table and wall stand - ideal for small rooms

The EH Bucky Stand is a multi-purpose X-ray system with Bucky table and wall stand, designed for easy handling and straightforward operator control.
The professional acquisition and diagnosis software,is user-friendly and can be quickly integrated into standard operating procedures.
The Bucky tray of the wall stand and the X-ray tube assembly can be lowered to ground level.
The large floating table top can support virtually all patient sizes.
A smaller table top is available for confined spaces.
Various options such as auto-tracking, stitching or a vertically adjustable table help speed up the workflow in highly frequented radiology departments.

Vertical Bucky Stand is a auxiliary device to X ray machine. It can move up and down and compatible for all kinds of X ray machines for carrying on X ray examination of chest, head, abdomen, pelvic bone etc. It is widely used radiology equipment.

  • A Vertical Bucky Stand designed for space efficiency.
  • A free standing mounting and counter weight balance system.
  • Specifically manufactured for use of the radiography of the chest, skull, thoracic and spinal areas of the body.
  • Height Adjustable from 50 cm to 165 cm above the floor level.
  • Vertical Travel Approximate 120 cm, centre to floor distance.
  • Vertical Locking System Electromagnetic Lock, DC 24V.
  • Cassette Loading Left or Right.
  • Unit Film Formats Up to 14” x 17” (35 x 43cm)
  • Dimensions: 590 W x 570 D x 1800 H mm
  • Additional components include:

  • Cassette size (mm): 480 x 550
  • Range of moving (mm): 300-1600
  • Grid Ratio: 10: 1
  • Gate density: 103 Line/inch
  • Distance of convergence:180cm
  • Max film size (inch): 14"X17"
Elevating Table

The EH-TC series is an elevating table program for all radiographic applications.
These versatile radiographic tables offer motorized height adjustment.
Children and injured or handicapped persons may be positioned with ease.
The EH-TC table series offers improved access to the patient.
The tables are designed for single hand operation.
The EH-TC variants are to be integrated with a ceiling tube mount, e.g. a 3D V.
All tables are available with ACSS.

Special features
  • The table brakes and height adjustment are controlled via a footswitch that can be programmed to the user’s needs during the installation process
  • For improved patient access a second kick switch can be mounted to the backside of the table*
  • All moveable components can be easily adjusted
  • The grid can be removed easily for pediatric exams
  • The patient table top is radiolucent and features flat accessory rails
  • The Bucky tray is ergonomically rounded to avoid sharp edges
  • Patients up to 190 cm in height and 280 kg in weight can be examined from head to toe without repositioning
  • The Automatic Exposure Control System helps to avoid repeat exposures
X-ray Generator

Nominal Power:                                       32Kw

Inverter Frequency:                              Up to 400kHz

KV range:                                                     40 - 150 KV

KV steps:                                                       1KV

Time Range:                                                2 - 2800ms

mAs Range:                                                 0.1 - 320 mAs

mA Range:                                                   10 - 320 mA


Max. Kv:                                                                                                        150 kV

Timer limiting:                                                                                         30 sec

Automatic collimator and collimation system:                     Optional

High Voltage Cable

Max. Kv:                                                                            150 kV

Length:                                                                              Optional

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